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The idea

The idea for the new counter nut originates from Malte Fürstenberg from Fürstenberg Fittings in Hamburg. Malte was developing a new surfboard, but the typical hexagon nuts he was using were protruding from the surfboard and because of this disturbing the hydro-dynamic flow and creating turbulence. The question thus arose: What would a nut look like that is countersunk into the material and is safe and strong at the same time?


Where does the Name ‘CONU‘ come from?
CONU is a modified form of the Latin conus (‘the cone’) and is also an abbreviation for COUNTER NUT.

Four partners - One innovation

The CONU counter nut was developed by Malte Fürstenberg, Fürstenberg Fittings in Hamburg, and the patent applied for has meanwhile been granted. The next step was for him to find a partner with a high level of technical expertise and the ability and interest to support the path to a market launch.

This partner was found in REYHER. Based in Hamburg, REYHER is one of the leading trading companies for fasteners and fixing technology in Europe.

Another partner is the NORD-LOCK GROUP. NORD-LOCK is a market leader in the field of securing bolted joints and has many years of technical experience.

The fourth partner in the alliance, is the manufacturing company HEWI G. Winker, from Spaichingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A well-established automotive supplier and manufacturer of lock nuts and formed parts. HEWI is known for its comprehensive know-how in the production of technically sophisticated fasteners. This company has been entrusted with the manufacture of CONU.

Thanks to the partnership-based cooperation, and paired with the combined expertise of these four specialised companies, it has been possible to launch the CONU fastening solution, with its significant advantages, into a wide range of industrial sectors.


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